Some websites on this page may require adult assistance.

Phonetics review (game of memory matching picture cards to letter cards)

Based on the picture book interactive alphabet

Writing their names, drawing faces and spelling words

Games for skill and language development

Online stories and activities for young children

A variety of games and activities

Find lower case letters that match a clue 

Alphabetical order from Earobics Gamegoo

Letter recognition

Letter-sound correspondences

Picture match for beginning sounds and letters, vowels

Online stories and literacy activities

Interactive use of phonics to develop reading skills

Children's stories read by popular actors/actresses

PBS Kids Interactive: spelling and story building

Fun phonics and literacy activities.  An account (free) is required to access the activities

Undersand and follow three step directions

A range of activities, apps, contests and games

Howard B Wigglebottom online books and activities

PBS Kids Interactive: word building


Identify quantities to serve customers

Home activities using everyday materials and math games to help children understand math ideas

NCTM standards-based activities and materials to support a variety of math strands

All strands of math including word problems

Practise counting, number and shape recognition

Math games for adding, subtracting, greater/less than, etc.

More than tools! Advanced all-Internet-index of hundreds of math tools, resources, activities and lesson plans

Interactive manipulatives by grade level plus math backgrounds and drawing/measuring tools (like Notebook 'lite')

Patterns on the Farm
Interactive story about patterns and extending patterns

Identify shapes or colours and add them to the train


Several interactive language and math activities

Basic literacy and numeracy with various levels of difficulty

Little kids site for National Geographic

Scholastic Listen and Read 
Listen and read 54 non-fiction books on a variety of topics

Dress Caillou according to the season

Interactive games based on letters, numbers, shapes, and sorting by multiple attributes

Games and activities that incorporate popular characters

PBS Kids Interactive science activities, video, and games