Grade 8



Creating Canada 1850-1890

Becoming a Nation
Charlottetown Conference of 1864
Confederation 1867
Collections Canada-Confederation
Confederation for Kids
Canada in the Making
On the Road to Confederation (1850-67)

Global Settlement: Patterns and Sustainability

Sea Level Change - Interactive Viewer 
World Resources Institute
Canada 1890-1914: A Changing Society

Building the CPR
Canadian Geographic Kids Atlas Online
CIA FactbookInfoplease - Countries of the World
Historical Eras in Canada
Human Rights in Canada 1900-1924

Indian Treaties
Maps That Help Make Sense of the World
Settling the Prairies
Statistics Canada
The Northwest Rebellion, 1885
Global Inequalities: Economic Development
and Quality of Life

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Breathing and Asthma
Cell Division and Cancer
Infectious Diseases and Their Treatments
The Heart and Circulation
The Virtual Body
Water Systems

Drinking Water in Canada
Virtual field trip of the Ocean's Water System
Water Management in Canada
Water Science
Systems in Action