Grade 2


Some websites on this page may require adult assistance.

Ideas on art projects from the popular TV show

A variety of interactive art making activities as well as introduction to art and art history

Learn about the four instrument families of the orchestra

Learn about Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion instruments (Requires Flash)

Game-based adventure to learn about the various instruments of the orchestra


Canadian government site of the Canadian Food Guide

Games about fire safety at home

An interactive web site that helps students learn how to handle bullying


Building word banks and rhyming families

Learn about advertising tricks and buying smart

Games with the familiar character Spot that offer opportunities for skill and language development

Early reading skills, from letter recognition to synonym and antonyms, using interactive games

Links to websites of children's authors and illustrators

Various levels of 'learning to read' from letter recognition to short stories

Book readings by many popular actors and actresses, includes related activities and downloadable guides with questions, discussion starters, and story prompts

A range of activities, apps, contests and games

Howard Wigglebottom books in video format with songs and other activities that help children feel good about themselves while promoting reading


Input a time and see it displayed on the clock or choose to display a random time and try to identify it

Activities for addition and subtraction practice

NCTM standards-based activities and materials to support a variety of math strands

All strands of math including word problems

Games, learning tools and activities all in support of mathematics.

Interactive manipulatives by grade level plus math backgrounds and drawing/measuring tools (like Notebook 'lite')

Virtual manipulatives and games to help with algebra, data management, measurement, number sense and numeration

Enrichment, problems, articles and games to promote thinking around 'RICH' tasks

Build a simple pictograph on screen; choose the pictures and the scale

A few sandbox-style play activities for counting, addition and geometry only

Venn diagrams illustrate relationships between elements in a set

Games and activities for learning basic operations, decimals, and fractions

Science & Technology

Growth and Changes in Animals

Bats 4 Kids
Information about bats around the world

Environmental Education for Kids - Critter Corner
Information about amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles and more

National Geographic Creature Features
A Match up trivia page for selected wildlife and habitat categories

San Diego Zoo Animals
Facts, photos, sound clips and videos of animals from around the world

Leveled animal books that can be read aloud

Toronto Zoo
Learn about the animals of the world


Edheads: Simple Machines
Learn about simple and compound machines while exploring the house and tool shed

Simple Machines - Levers
Enchanted Learning site that shows how levers work and what tools use levers
Properties of Liquids and Solids

States of Matter
An animated illustration of the states of matter
Air and Water in the Environment 

EEK - Environmental Education for Kids
From the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, includes the water cycle, ground water, clean water and water conservation

Social Studies

Changing Family and Community Traditions

Facts about birthday traditions from countries around the world

Learn more about Thanksgiving traditions

Learn more about winter celebrations around the world
Global Communities

Arthur character plays game to learn about countries around the world

Explore diverse regions such as Madagascar and Greenland

A quick overview of many countries around the world divided by continents. Click on "Geography" from the lower left menu